Welcome to the archbishop shaw alumni homepage

           The President of the Alumni Association periodically convenes general membership meetings where all alumni are invited to share free food and drink, hear from guest speakers, get updates on the association’s activities and enjoy socializing and community with our brothers. The meetings are usually held in Don Bosco Hall on the Shaw campus after work hours, but sometimes are conducted in satellite locations (for example, on the Northshore) to make attendance more convenient for a wider segment of our alumni community. Past guest speakers have included the head coaches of our various sports teams, community and business leaders and public officials. When scheduled on campus, our group tries to schedule the meetings in the evening when some other school event is also occurring. For example, past meetings have offered attendance that same evening at Eagle basketball games or wrestling matches.

            Like so many other traditional in-person events, the Covid-19 situation has caused the postponement of recent general membership meetings. However, future general membership meetings are eagerly anticipated. The dates, times, places and  activities associated with those meetings will be published in this space as they are able to be scheduled. Join us for fun and fellowship.